Cancellation and Refunds

There are two types of costs associated with the software – setup/customization cost and annual subscription cost for each User. While customizing or setting up the software, you can cancel or apply for a refund, if the software is not up to the requirement of the client. However, once the software has been customized, developed and handed over to the client, they have 3 months to apply for a refund. After that period, HiApp will not provide any refund for the setup cost.

Please note that any refund will be given after 2 months and by Cheque only.

You will also have to provide a very strong reason for the refund, as HiApp will have invested a lot of time to customize the software as per client requirement.

You can cancel the subscription anytime via email or phone; however, the client will be liable for all the charges up to the period, including the month in which they discontinued the service. The client will not be charged again.

You can cancel the subscription of all or few users, then only their active users will be charged.